Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wang to DL, A chance for Hughes

New York Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang is headed to the disabled list. I had blogged about his ineffectiveness earlier, but this development is interesting.

The question of whether Wang is actually injured is a fair one. Doctors say he has weakness in his hip muscles stemming from his foot injury last season, but this strikes me as something entirely different. It's pretty clear that the Yankees just wanted a chance to send him to the minor leagues without exposing him to waivers.

Phil Hughes will come up and pitch on Tuesday against the Detroit Tigers. Their ballpark is one of the best to pitch in in baseball, though they do have a tough lineup. With Hughes' early success in the minors, this makes all the sense in the world. Let Wang figure his issues out, and give the once-jewel of the organization a chance to show how he has matured since his struggles last season. I lobbied heavily on my other blog for the Yankees not to re-sign Andy Pettitte and give the rookie a spot.

With Pettitte pitching effectively so far, I can't still hate the move. But Hughes is still very talented, and there is no reason to bury him in the minors. Every start he gets in the majors adds to his knowledge, and even if he has a tough time, it's good for the organization to get him the experience. Since Wang was a batting tee for his first three starts, this is a win-win for the organization until the Taiwanese righty can return to form.

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