Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Blotter

So I'm coming in a little late to the game here, but I'll be doing a daily roundup of the legal problems facing athletes, from basic criminal charges to financial issues to messy family struggles that boil over into the media.

First on the docket today: Jonathan Vilma might want to rethink who he asks to house-sit for him. Apparently, a couple of Vilma's family members used his condo to get rid of a couple of members of a failed cash smuggling scheme — the bodies were dumped in Queens and Brooklyn. For those of you not from the NY-area, this officially means these guys cover a lot more ground than the Jets' secondary.

Next up: A former University of Georgia star peed all over the backseat of a police car after being arrested for DUI. Kelin Johnson couldn't make up his mind on whether to take a breathalyzer, presumably because he vacillated on whether or not it would exonerate him. I think his bladder took care of that problem for him.

Finally: Austria continues in its quest to eliminate doping from the world's most popular sport, professional cycling, by arresting Stefan Matschiner, the former manager of Danish rider Michael Rasmussen. Of course, everyone remembers Rasmussen from his 2007 ... OK, seriously, is Lance's collarbone healed yet?

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  1. I appreciate your use of the phrase "peed all over"...just thought I'd share.