Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rose Ain't No Bull...

...He's the real deal.

(See what I did with that?)

This weekend, Derrick Rose single-handedly showed everyone in Boston his ass, as he wiped it all over the Celtics defense, closing them out in their first playoff game on their home court.

OUCH. And you thought Garnett's absence hurt 'em.

But how 'bout them Bulls?

Even though the Bulls finished the regular season at .500, the Bulls have shown their moments of brilliance at times, especially in the hands of Ben "Out Of His" Gordon, Derrick "That Morning He" Rose, and new addition John "It's Sahllmons, not Salmons" Salmons.

They're young and they're not so flashy as the other teams, but this team's got drive. Joakim "Yes Ah" Noah has been surprisingly good on defense, blocking shots and pumping up his team. Sound familiar, Kevin Garnett fans?

And while the Celtics have tied up the series 1-1, you've still got to worry if you're a Celtic fan like me. They won because Ray Allen hit his shot from 3, but if you watched the game, you'd know that the Celtics must play their best to even do that. They're missing Garnett, they're missing Scalabrine (he went to USC, remember?), and now they're going to miss Powe like his name misses that 'R' at the end of it. In case you're too tired to go over that last riddle, Powe brought power to the team.

(See what I did there? Tell me you're not impressed.)

In any case, I feel that if the Celtics can discover a line-up that works for them, and maybe if Marbury gets out of this slump, they've got a chance to get to Round 2. And if the match-ups are right, maybe they'll go back to the finals. Maybe.

The Cavs are too good on their home court (even with a team of riled-up Pistons they wipe the floor with 'em), and the two teams with the only real shot at the Cavs, in my humble opinion, are the Magic and the 76ers (I'm an Iguodala fan). Unfortunately, only one of those teams will make it past this round. Tee hee.

Either way, looks like the playoffs are gearing up for some good fun. Like the NHL, some first day upsets, and a huge fan turnout. Looks like fun. Stay tuned ya'll.

-Dave "UConn Makes Good Players, and Connecticut Makes Good Insurance" Smith

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