Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rajon' Cajon, and Big Baby Gets Bigger

Can you believe the nerve of Rajon Rondo?

Rondo came out of nowhere. A former Kentucky Wildcat, Rondo's in his third year in the league, and he's showing exactly why Doc Rivers loves him so much. He can do it all: He can assist, rebound, and now he's become an efficient and quick scorer, constantly driving down the lane like a bowling ball. And he's gotten so good in these three areas, last night he came close to his third triple-double in five games. In last night's thrilling finale, Rondo led his team in scoring with 28 points. With Ray Allen having fouled out, and Paul Pierce struggling from the field for most of the game, Rondo's become the go-to guy.

Luckily, Rondo isn't the only unexpected player to step up. Glen "Big Baby" Davis has taken the pacifier out for good. Finally becoming the toddler he was meant to become, Davis is standing on his own two feet, storming up and down the court and drenching the basket with mid-range jumpers. Pretty impressive, considering the former LSU Tiger was more effective as a post player.

Point is, if these two played the way they did with a Garnett, they would be simply unstoppable. So regardless if they lose in the Eastern Conference playoffs or the National Championship, or even end up winning it all, just imagine this team with another 6'10 energy boost, averaging 15+ and 10+ a game.


NBA PREDICTION UPDATE: Looks like the Blazers hit a bump in the road, but they managed to push the Rockets into a game 6 tonight. Watch out, Brandon Roy's looking hungry.

Enjoy the show!

-Davius "Heyward-Bey" Smith

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