Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As the wheels start turning, the NBA early entry list grows...

With the Final Four and annual college coaching carousel about to get under way, what better time than now to check out which underclassmen are going to the league, and which are staying.

With John Calipari's exit from Memphis and hiring at Kentucky now complete (WOW THAT'S A LOTTA MONEY) the focus was on Tigers freshman guard Tyreke Evans, for at least a day.

Evans, a slick ball handling 6-foot-6 monster in his freshman year for Memphis was going to leave no matter what happened with Calipari. Now, that's confirmed.

No way NBA agent/mentor/entourage ring leader Worldwide Wes was going to let one of his Philly-area kids waste a chance at the big money next season.

Is Evans future in the NBA as a 2-guard, or at the point? And does it really matter?

You'll remember how Evans took over the point guard duties for Memphis in the middle of the season and generally changed the team's fortunes for the better. Let that debate begin. It's hard to see Evans drop out of the lottery either way.

He's a terrific talent, strong to the hoop and almost unstoppable in his penetration game. The outside shooting is another story, but that will almost certainly come. NBA comparison- Larry Hughes.

The next dominoes to fall will be Kentucky forward Patrick Patterson and teammate Jodie Meeks. If they leave (it's rumored Meeks will return while Patterson might be leaving regardless) then that will just add to the already intriguing early entry list.

Of course, there will be a lot more posts on this subject in the upcoming days. Included at some point will be a thorough analysis of Greivis Vasquez's future. I promise.


  1. I think the real question is whether Xavier Henry et al from Cal's incoming freshman class will get out of their commitments and try to follow Cal to Kentucky

  2. Or this: Kudo points from blackistone for linking to fanhouse?