Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seeing Red: The Pistons And Bulls Story

Today made one thing clear, for the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls, one era is over, while one era is only beginning.

The Detroit Pistons were swept away by the Cavaliers in an easy four games. It's hard to believe that just last year, the Pistons were an Eastern powerhouse, according to most. The Pistons thought it would be addition through subtraction when it came to Flip Saunders, and they thought they found their Answer in Allen Iverson; but in reality, they gave up the two components that made up the glue--Flip and Mr. Big Shot--keeping the Pistons together.

Now, you can see how all over the place they are. Without Rip Hamilton having a 30 or 40-point game, the Pistons are rusted. Sad to see 'em fail, but until the Motor City turns it around and grows an optimistic disposition, it looks like their sports teams are doomed. Just a guess, but I'm pretty sure sports reflect the cities, and the other way around.

If that's the case, I might recommend moving to Chicago. The Bulls are looking up, doing twice in one year what the organization has never been able to do: Beat the Celtics in the playoffs.

Hand it to Derrick Rose for the much-needed burst of energy Chicago needed. Without him, Salmons or Gordon still wouldn't be enough to get this team over the hump. But thanks to their energetic point guard, Bulls fans finally have something to cheer about. It wasn't easy to get over Michael's departure, but it's good to see that this team is coming up.

After all, the success of teams comes in cycles. So in the future, maybe you'll see an NBA Final between the Chicago Bulls and the Portland Trail Blazers, two young teams that have the powerful parts they need; they just need experience. Hey, it won't be Jordan's Bulls versus those unbeatable Blazers of old, but it's definitely an interesting matchup.

The show the Bulls put on today was great (I might argue that the Celtics imploded, but hey, credit where credit's due), and the show that Detroit put on was equally telling. No matter how you slice it, both teams are mad. One with hunger for more, another wondering how their Answer could've been the wrong one after all.

- The Notorious D.A.V.

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