Monday, April 6, 2009

Dunn goes deep, pitching struggles

So, I'm sitting here watching the Nationals opening day game and already the team's off season moves have made an impact. Down 8-2 to the Marlins in the sixth, Adam Dunn hit a huge three-run home run to pull the team within three. However, the off season trade that sent Emilio Bonifacio and others to the Fish in return for Scott Olsen and Troy Willingham has hurt the Nats on this day as Bonifacio has gone 4-4 with three steals thus far.

Additionally, the Nationals young pitching has had a rocky opening day, with a bottom of the sixth Hanley Ramirez taking the marlins' run total to 12. "Ace" John Lannan only managed to pitch three innings, giving up six runs.

It looks as if the Nats' spring honeymoon of optimism is over, and it ended rather abruptly for me. I returned from coaching baseball to find that my hometown team was already losing by six. As much as this hurt, perhaps worse was hearing the kids talk about the Orioles, the Red Sox, Rays, Michigan State and UNC and not hearing the Nats mentioned once. With this type of performance, they won't be in the future either. Still, it s along season and the games not even over yet. Lets see if Adam has a few more RBIs in his bat.

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