Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boston And Orlando Play Musical Chairs

Last night, the Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats looked like equals. While that doesn't bode well for Beantown, at least Charlotte looks like one of those teams that could fight for a playoff spot in the near future.

Either way, it made for a great game.

D.J. Augustin, the former Texas star, said that Boston muscles you and tries to intimidate you, but if you don't show fear, they'll flop like Shaq against Howard.

Well, it took 2 overtimes to decide the see-saw battle between Jordan's 'Cats and Doc's Irish, but in the end, the Bobcats were tamed by veteran Celts Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

Boston's rivals in the Sunshine State couldn't keep away the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors, who definitely seemed like a playoff team in the preseason, slathered mustard all over that Magic sandwich. But before the Raptors could make it to Quizno's to really toast that sub, the Magic bared their teeth and defensive prowess in the second half. But in the end, it was Olympian Gold Medalist Chris Bosh that long-jumped and pole vaulted the Magic, draining long shots like a girl celebrating her 21st birthday.

In the end, Toronto prevailed over Orlando (and not just because of their healthcare), and Boston won out against that Charlotte team, bolstered by sorely-missed Suns players Raja Bell and Boris Diaw. This puts Boston one game ahead of Orlando, removing the deadlock that kept these two teams attached at the hip. If Boston can hold onto that 2-spot, they might put themselves in a greater position without Garnett. Whoever gets lucky No. 3 will likely have to face off against the NBA's scoring leader, Dwayne "Doris Day" Wade. Good Luck.

-Dave "Paul" Piersmith

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