Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How'd I miss this back in March?

Our venerable professor was answered 10 questions on Feb. 26 as part of an interview series on RealClearSports.

The first question hits kind of close to home. 

RCS asks: "What is more enjoyable: shouting at Reali, Paige, Mariotti, Cowlishaw and the rest of the Around the Horn panelists, or shouting at the eager young minds in your classroom?"

Here is the answer from our fearless leader, block quoted for posterity.
Blackistone: I don't think I've shouted at the next generation's sports journalists yet, save for the first time they missed deadline. I gave them the old Dave Smith treatment, my legendary longtime boss in Dallas. The students are still full of the right kind of questions rather than the wrong kind of answers.

But I've really come to enjoy the banter with my ATH comrades. It's as much fun as it appears... I've always been in need of a little levity in my approach to sports journalism.

Beaten by Bill Plaschke in a popularity contest? It's a sad day indeed.

To be fair though, this was before our magical van ride to USA Today. And maybe if Kevin had grabbed a bite at Jason's deli, we could have enjoyed some banter of our own.

Either way, it's nice to get a shoutout for missing deadline. Never again.

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