Thursday, March 12, 2009

LeBron pulls ahead for MVP

My topic will be the Eastern Conference of the NBA. The first post is about MVP.

Well, if you weren't watching the madness going on in the Big East tonight (you should have been, since that Syracuse-UConn game was one of the most impressive games ever), you might've been watching one of only two NBA games of the night. The Lakers beat the Spurs, and the Cavs beat the Suns. While Kobe had another great night, making clutch spots, LeBron edged ever closer to that MVP title.

This has been Wade's week, to be sure. Putting up consecutive monster games in points and assists, it seems that no one can beat Dwayne Wade. Except for maybe LeBron. James put up his third consecutive triple-double last night, with 34 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists. He also had three steals and three blocks, including a great block against a mid-360 dunk Jason Richardson. Impressive block.

It looks like LeBron's going to take the MVP. Kobe is great, as he's always been, but he's surrounded by a great team. Gasol's gotten so much better this year, so you can't really say Kobe's leading his team. He's had several great games, including that ridiculous game in Madison Square Garden (speaking of that 'Cuse-Conn game, another post on that arena coming soon), and a game where he led his team completely by assisting others. Nice guy.

Wade is beyond great this year, he's uninjured, and he's being impressive. But, when push comes to shove, he's not on a great team. He's got Beasley (who will be great, I promise, just give him some time) and now he's got Jamario Moon, an awesomely underrated player, but that won't save his record, which is only 35-29 at the moment.

Or what about Chris Paul? A triple-double two nights ago, arguably the only force putting his Hornets over the top. But no, it's got to be LeBron. Sure, he's got Mo Williams, but beyond that, LeBron is keeping his team in it. He inspires his teammates, and while his assists are almost exclusively to Williams, you can't argue against his effort, especially on defense this year. How many highlight reels have we seen with LeBron blocking a shot that would surely go in, if the team weren't playing Cleveland that night? Too many.

So that's my thoughts. Feel free to disagree.

On a completely different note. Completely different. Quick thoughts on the UConn-Syracuse game. With the exception of our lovable dopey Terps, Syracuse has been, by far, the most entertaining team to watch. Not North Carolina, not Oklahoma, definitely not Duke, and not Pitt. While all of these teams are refined teams and interesting to watch, none is more fun that a good Syracuse game. Between the quick adrenaline point guard Jonny Flynn, the shooter who shoots his mouth off as much as the ball Eric Devendorf, the big man who couldn't buy a foul shot Arinze Onuaku, and so many others, Syracuse has something that other teams don't have, or only have sometimes. Syracuse has flourish. They pass the ball brilliantly, as demonstrated in their deconstruction of Seton Hall, and they've got everything you want from a great ball club. Inside shooting from Flynn, outside shooting from Devendorf and Rautins, and post play with Jackson and Onuaku, they are too much fun to watch. I'm glad they won, and I hope they go a long way in the Big East tourney, but more importantly, the NCAA tournament. Go Orange.

That's all.

-Dave "Big Poppa" Smith


  1. I miss Hakim Warrick's wingspan. I stayed up to tell you guys.

  2. How much of a clown was JRich for trying that dunk! He then gets a T and it turns into a five-point swing. That play is his career in a nutshell.

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  4. BronBron has to take it this year. He is so good that he should be banned from the league to ensure fairness. I hear that if you stare at him directly for too long on a basketball court, your eyes will burn out of your skull.

  5. Add up D Wade's percentage of points, assists, rebounds, minutes played for the Heat and compare it to King James' in Cleveland and tell me what you have. To the winner goes the MVP in my book.